Capitol on high alert as QAnon followers push conspiracy theory Trump will be made president in THREE DAYS

THE US Capitol will remain on high-alert until mid-March amid a bizarre theory that Donald Trump will become president this week.

Thousands of National Guard troops will remain in Washington over fears QAnon's claim may lead to another attack on the US Capitol, after followers spoke of a "military investigation" into President Joe Biden.

The request for 4,900 National Guard troops to continue their deployments in Washington until March 12 was made by US Capitol Police, Robert Salesses, a Pentagon official said.

"We work very closely with the FBI, Secret Service, and others and the Capitol Police to try to determine what they believe that threat is, and then looking at what they believe is the need for the National Guard, or the types of mission sets that they need support from, we work very closely with them to try to determine what that is.

"Obviously 4900 is a very large number here on the Capitol," he told lawmakers in Congress.

The baseless claim is just the latest peddled by the QAnon crowd, who have been spreading conspiracy theories to millions worldwide over the past few years.

March 4 has become the latest date which the QAnon conspiracy storm is swirling around as proponents believe Trump will somehow be reinstalled as president.

QAnon is a wide-ranging belief which covers all manner of outlandish claims, but its most central tenant is that Trump has been waging a secret war on a cabal of child-eating satanic paedophiles.

It seems their presence is only providing fuel for the QAnon narrative to continue to spread like wildfire across the internet – worming its way into other conspiracy theories.

Trump's own Washington DC hotel has reportedly hiked its rates on March 4 – and it did the same thing on January 5 and 6, other key dates for QAnon, reports Forbes.

Jason Blazakis, a senior fellow at the Soufan Center, said: "Raising room prices will surely be interpreted by QAnon as Trump’s support for the March 4 narrative.

"They absolutely try to interpret the words and actions of President Trump very carefully.” 

QAnon has been previously labelled a “domestic terror threat” by the FBI over its tendency the inspire violence.

The latest bizarre connecting of the dots pushes that Trump will be "inaugurated" on March 4 and will be installed as the 19th President of the United States – rolling back the union to the form it had in 1871.

Despite all their predictions failing to materialize and Biden being inaugurated as the president, many Q believers have continued to insist that Trump is still pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Closely tied to falsehoods about the election being stolen pushed by Trump and his most hardcore allies, the conspiracy theorists are claiming a Myanmar-esque coup is about to happen in the US.

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