Chinese takeaway threatens to 'knock your f***ing door in' unless you answer straight away in hilarious rant

 A CHINESE takeaway threatened to "knock your f***ing door in" unless you answer straight away in a hilarious rant.

The restaurant went viral with the frustrated rundown of what keeps happening when they try to drop off meals.

The Rice Bowl in Derry, Northern Ireland, went viral after posting on Facebook to offer some light-hearted tips to customers awaiting a delivery.

The straight-talking staff member outlined the "gentle reminder" for what to do when hungry Chinese fans hear a knock at their front door.

They wrote: "When order delivery from Chinese, suddenly hear a knock on door! Please OPEN door

"DO NOT shout to each other from behind the door or shout up stairs at other people before opening your door!!!



"Who the F*** do you think it is? Did you forget you ordered a Chinese?

"Did you not get a notification from Ricebowl App that read, 'Your order is on the way'?


"It’s hardly the TV licence man or NIE looking for Magnets at this time of night!!!!

"This doesn’t apply to all my lovely customers (Only a very limited number)

"So, if you don’t answer your door then I am going to stop knocking on your door & I am going to f****** knock it in."

Amused customers of the restaurant praised the rant, after seeing previous honest posts from the account operator, Mr Chang.

Earlier this month he wrote: "Now Open. Please please be gentle.

"If everyone orders at the same time then I am closing & going home to bed & I will apologise tomorrow."

Fans retweeted him online, with one saying: "We have no choice but to stan Mr Chang."

Another added: "I am a huge fan of takeaways fighting back and this is a beauty."

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