Colorblind bride sees in color for first time during Disney wedding

The happiest place on Earth! Colorblind bride sees in color for first time ever during her wedding at Walt Disney World thanks to special glasses

  • Kristin Robinson of Harleysville, Pennsylvania tied the knot recently at Disney World in Orlando, Florida
  • Robinson, who has red-green color blindness, was given special sunglasses which allowed her to see the pinks and purples she usually misses
  • The celebration concluded with the newlyweds watching fireworks at the Epcot Center, and Robinson for the first time seeing all the bright hues 

A Pennsylvania woman’s dream wedding at Walt Disney World was made all the more magical thanks to special glasses, which enabled the colorblind bride to see her groom’s eyes in color for the first time.

Kristin Robinson of Harleysville suffers from red-green color blindness, meaning she is unable to see pinks and purples.

She put on the glasses for the first time at the altar, and was able to finally agree with her fiance, Nick, that his eyes were green. She always saw them as blue.

Robinson was amazed by the flowers, which she saw as pink for the first time. Disney’s wedding planners placed pink flower arrangements around the site.

She said it was ‘surreal’.

Kristin Robinson from Pennsylvania got married at Walt Disney World in Orlando, wearing special glasses to combat color blindness for the first time

Robinson is pictured with her new husband, Nick

‘I’ve always dreamed of this; I finally get to see the colors,’ she said.

Disney documented the story, and released it on their blog to publicize their wedding services.

The glasses start at around $100, and can go up to $500. 

‘Getting married at Walt Disney World is so exciting, and it’s just surreal that I’m actually here,’ she said.

‘There’s no better place to do it than Disney, and no better day to do it than on my wedding day.’

Robinson said the world ‘looks more mute’ than it would do for people with normal vision.

She said it made cooking more difficult, and choosing outfits and putting makeup on more complex, and she had always dreamed of seeing color.

‘I’m most excited to see Nick’s eyes for the first time,’ she said.

‘I see them as beautiful blue eyes, but he tells me they are green.’

Putting on the glasses, Robinson was almost speechless.

‘That’s so cool!’ she said. ‘Are those pink flowers? I’ve never seen anything like that.’

Robinson is seen examining her flowers – which seemed entirely white, before she put on the glasses

Robinson said putting on the glasses was ‘surreal’

The bride is pictured with her family. Her father and brothers also suffer from the same type of colorblindness

Robinson and her new husband, Nick

The couple ended their evening watching the fireworks at the Epcot Center

Robinson said she could not believe how many colors fireworks could display

She exclaimed, on seeing her bouquet: ‘That’s pink!’

Before putting the glasses on, the flowers appeared all white.

‘This is surreal. I’ve always dreamed of this,’ she said. 

Nick said he was thrilled to ‘amplify’ the day for his new wife.

‘I’m just so happy – I get chills thinking about it.’

The evening concluded with the couple watching the fireworks at the Epcot Center.

‘Nick, I’m seeing a lot of colors right now!’ she exclaimed. ‘Oh my gosh!’

She concluded: ‘There is no better place than Disney World to see colors for the first time.’ 

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