Dolly Parton Launches 'Vinyl Me, Parton' Monthly Record Club

Dolly Parton has launched “Vinyl Me, Parton,” a monthly record club devoted to the legendary career and peerless catalog of the country music icon.

Starting in April 2023, “Vinyl Me, Parton” will give fans a monthly connection with Parton’s catalog on vinyl, with twelve Records of the Month spanning the entirety of her recording career.

“I love listening to records, and to know that fans around the world are discovering music on vinyl is wonderful,” says Parton, who becomes the first artist to have dedicated monthly vinyl subscription.

“I am really happy to see some of my favorite albums that have been out of print on vinyl or were never pressed on vinyl be made available,” she added. “What’s old is new again.”

Ranging from her debut to some of her recent self-released albums, the twelve albums included in the “Vinyl Me, Parton” campaign will come on exclusive color vinyl, remastered from the highest quality audio sources, and on 180g vinyl. Each quarter will feature a free and exclusive “Vinyl Me, Parton” merch item as well. Each release was remastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound in Nashville.

Subscriptions will be available in exclusive limited-term engagements of 3, 6 and 12 months, and space will be limited. Pre-orders are available now.

The scheduled monthly catalog list:

April 2023: My Tennessee Mountain Home
May 2023: Little Sparrow
June 2023: Blue Smoke
July 2023: Just Because I’m a Woman
August 2023: 9 to 5 and Odd Jobs
September 2023: Backwoods Barbie
October 2023: Hello, I’m Dolly
November 2023: Jolene
December 2023: Halos & Horns
January 2024: Better Day
February 2024: Those Were the Days
March 2024: New Harvest…First Gathering

(Photo: Stacie Huckeba)

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