Disneyland's Instagram and Facebook pages taken over by 'super hacker'

Disneyland’s Instagram and Facebook pages are taken over by ‘super hacker’ sharing vile racist posts filled with the N-word and threatening black people with ‘deadly virus’ in revenge for ‘staff mocking me for having a small penis’

  • ‘Super hacker’ David Do made racist posts on Disneyland’s social media pages
  • His posts featured the n-word and threatened to kill black people
  • He also claimed responsibility for COVID-19 and said he is creating a new virus 
  • Do said the hack was part of his scheme to get revenge on Disney employees 
  • The hack follows a slew of controversies involving The Walt Disney Company 

Disneyland’s social media accounts were hacked by a self-proclaimed ‘super hacker’ who made racists posts in an effort to seek ‘revenge’ on the California theme park.

The hacker, who identified himself as David Do, took over the park’s Instagram and Facebook accounts early Thursday morning, making a slew of derogatory posts threatening black people.

Do made multiple posts featuring the n-word, claimed to have invented COVID-19 and alleged he was working on a new COVID20 virus. He also said the attack was revenge of Disney staff who mocked him ‘for having a small penis.’

Disney deleted the posts from its account  – which has more than 8.4 million followers – within the hour. The company did not immediately respond to DailyMail.com’s request for comment.

The social media hack marks the latest controversy for The Walt Disney Company which recently sparred off with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis following an employee walkout over the state’s so-called Don’t Say Gay bill. 

The hacker, who identified himself as David Do, took over the park’s Instagram and Facebook accounts early Thursday morning, making a slew of derogatory posts threatening black people

Do made his first post Thursday around 3.50am PST alleging he was a super hacker ‘here to bring revenge upon Disneyland.’

‘I am f***ing tired of all these n***** Disney employees mocking me for having a small penis,’ he posted. ‘WHO’S THE TOUGH GUY NOW JEROME? GET HACKED YOU F****ING F******.’

In another post he said he he ‘invented covid and blamed it on wuhan,’ adding: ‘Cuz f*** yall.’ 

‘I am working on Covid20 – You n***** better hide before I release this new deadly virus,’ he penned in another post, captioning a photo of black pallbearers carrying a coffin. ‘With help of my crew DramaAlert @akademiks.’

He also shared an image of two men captioned ‘u n***** are watching Disney Channel,’ an apparent racist take on a mid-2000s promotion used by Disney’s television station. Disney stars would say the popular catchphrase ‘you’re watching Disney Channel’ and draw the iconic mouse ears using a magic wand.

‘Disney land giving all u n***** a discount,’ he added.

He shared two selfies on the account’s stories, captioning one: ‘KILL ALL N******S. DAVID DO IS HERE.’

The hacker also encouraged social media users to follow his private Instagram account @chi11estpanda. 

The account is claims to belong David Do, however DailyMail.com has not yet confirmed if the Do associated with @chi11estpanda is responsible for the hack.

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