Drive to the airport in your own Endeavour Space Shuttle

Hamiltonians do it again!

Consultant John Powell and his friend dairy worker Paul Mulligan have converted a 2006 Nissan Presage station wagon into the Endeavour Space Shuttle to raise money for Starship children’s hospital.

But its flight is subject to CAA approval.

They said this is an ideal vehicle for Kiwis “to the airport and beyond”.

The “shuttle” has clocked just under 200,000km on its wheels but as for flight time, it’s still brand new with less than a minute on air.

“Other than some split-second flight along the bumpy New Zealand highway, it’s brand new,” he said.

“It’s very hard to find a spaceship with less than 200k on the clock,” Powell said.

As per the specification of this vessel, it has three rocket engines driven by a fire extinguisher generating incredible but unmeasurable thrust.

It also has detachable wings and liberal overuse of Nasa signage, he said.

However, the downside is the vessel does use unleaded 91 petrol as a fuel source, the price of which seems to be flying higher than the Endeavour but this fuel type is a whole lot cheaper than the liquid hydrogen which retails roughly for about $10 per kg.

Its engine size is 3490cc with a safety rating of three stars for both driver and passengers.

“We’ll throw in a full tank of 91 including a WOF until March 2023,” Powell said.

The vessel is fully detachable within 10 minutes, the wings unclip so it can be driven on the road. The whole tail and rocket structure can be removed and the back bumper refitted should you wish to convert it back into a humble Nissan Presage.

In other words, you have a fully convertible rocket that you can park right in your garage.

Powell said the money from the sale of this intricately built machine will go to the Starship Foundation to support the Starship children’s hospital.

“It is a real head-turner that gets attention where ever it goes.

“Beauty on the wings,” he said.

“As you can see from the video, the rocket engine performance closely replicates Nasa engines but not close enough to risk patent infringement.

“Children are our future so let’s help them reach for the stars,” Powell said.

The “Shuttle” is being auctioned on Trade Me and will run until May 8.

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