Driver suffers instant karma for trying to overtake traffic on motorway

A driver who thought he could overtake a single lane of traffic suffered a brutal dose of karma in the snowy conditions – and it was all caught on camera.

The person behind the wheel of the white vehicle was filmed by a nearby motorist stuck in the snow on the M1 motorway.

Over the last few days, the UK has been hit with a cold blast that has seen snow cover large swathes of the country.

And it appeared that much of the M1 had been affected, with drivers only able to use one lane with all others covered in snow.

But that didn’t stop the hapless driver trying his luck.

In the clip, he is seen desperately trying to escape the snow only for his wheels to hopelessly spin.

It was shared to Reddit channel CasualUK yesterday (November 28) with the caption: “This bloke tried to overtake the single line of traffic on the M1.”

and has already been upvoted more than 2,800 times.

One viewer sarcastically asked: “Does he know that he can't park there?”

“This is when we throw our heads back and laugh,” a second said.

Some were sympathetic to the driver, with one writing: “It was clearly a bad call by the driver but we’ve all once or twice thought ‘I think I can see a quicker way’.”

“It’s not great behaviour but what I’m saying is we all sometimes indulge. Best of luck that man.”

And a fourth was more interested by what was playing over the radio during the video.

“I love that the backdrop to this is the radio reporting on what the current apocalyptic situation is,” they said.

The unfortunate driver isn’t the only one to have fallen victim to the icy conditions over the past few days.

Punters at a pub in the Yorkshire Dales have been snowed in for three days along with an Oasis tribute act.

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