Ex-MP wins the internet with jumper choice for brutal interview on Boris

An ex-MP has won the internet for wearing an eyebrow-raising jumper while being brutal in his assessment of outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Twitter has gone mad for former MP Michael Heseltine's sweater while he was being questioned live on Sky News about "disastrous" Boris Johnson – who is set to resign later today.

Mr Heseltine was clearly taking a jab at Mr Johnson by wearing a jumper with a black sheep on it – suggesting he should be regarded a disgrace to the country.

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Twitter users jumped on the platform to poke fun at the PM as a result, and share appreciation for Mr Heseltine.

"Can we just all take a moment to appreciate Michael Heseltine’s jumper," Tweeted journalist Kelly Rose.

"Michael Heseltine, looking every day of his age and wearing a jumper with a sheep on it, tears Johnson into bits. This is great telly," wrote another.

Another wrote: "Sir Michael Heseltine speaking eminent sense & wisdom on @KayBurley. A dignified senior statesmen whose presence contrasts with the lousy creepiness of a juvenile Johnson.

"Is Sir Michael sending a message to the party that's made him an outcast by wearing a Black Sheep jumper?"

Mr Heseltine further made Sky News watchers chuckle when he savagely said all he wanted to hear from the PM today was "goodbye".

A Twitter user said: "Kay Burley: 'What do you want to hear from the Prime Minister today?' Michael Heseltine: 'Goodbye!' Brilliant."

Of the sheep jumper, another wrote: "Michael Heseltine wearing a sheep jumper on Sky News, symbolic for a day of shearing?"

Boris Johnson will quit as Prime Minister today (July 7) after a string of mass resignations made his already-precarious position unsustainable.

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Pippa Crerar of the Mirror and Chris Mason of the BBC have reported that Johnson has agreed to stand down but will stay on as caretaker leader until new Tory leader elected this autumn.

Taking to Twitter, the Daily Mirror's political editor Crerar added: "Hearing that staff in No 10 have been told that Boris Johnson IS resigning and his letter has been prepared."

A No.10 spokesman has since confirmed that Boris Johnson will address the nation later today.

The news follows over 50 stinging resignations from a whole host of members of his government, sparked by cabinet members Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak.


  • Boris Johnson to quit today as Prime Minister after years of scandal and chaos
  • Boris Johnson to quit today as Prime Minister after years of scandal and chaos
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