Ex UKIP candidate fined £500 for working illegally as pub doorman

Ex UKIP parliamentary candidate who campaigned against illegal migrant workers is fined £500 – for working illegally as a pub security supervisor

  • Paul Dowson, 55, was paid cash-in-hand while working in Tenby, Pembrokeshire
  • He was spotted by police wearing an out-of-date armband licence card holder 

A leading UKIP politician who campaigned against illegal migrant workers has been fined £500 – for working illegally.

Former UKIP Parliamentary candidate Paul Dowson, 55, was caught getting paid as a rogue doorman at a seaside nightspot and hit with a bill for £2,800 court costs.

Dowson was paid ‘cash in hand’ as a security supervisor at the popular Five Arches pub in the coastal town Tenby, Pembrokeshire.

Police spotted the burly bouncer dressed in black, with an out-of-date armband licence card holder and a coat with ‘security’ written on it, realising it was the former UKIP councillor.

Former county councillor Dowson stood as a would-be MP for UKIP speaking against migrant workers. He said at the time: ‘Politicians branded Wales a ‘Nation of Sanctuary’ and actively encourage illegal migrants to Wales.

Former UKIP candidate Mark Rowson was hit with a £2,800 bill in legal costs after working illegally as a rogue doorman

He was caught getting paid cash-in-hand as a security supervisor at the popular Five Arches pub in the coastal town Tenby, Pembrokeshire.

Mr Dowson has previously campaigned against illegal migrant workers

‘My local community, Pembrokeshire and wider Wales has suffered greatly at hands of virtue signalling policies.’

At the time, UKIP’s leader Neil Hamilton said: ‘I am delighted to have Paul as an integral part of UKIP’s election campaign.’

But the court heard police swooped to discover he was not licenced to work as a door security – and he was then sacked by the nightspot owner.

Security operatives working under contract are required by law to hold and display a valid Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence.

Five Arches owner Matthew Perkins said: ‘It was the decision of the premises that he should stop working as a door supervisor immediately.’

Mr Perkins confirmed Dowson was self-employed and was paid in cash between November 2021 and June 2022.

Mr Dowson was formally interviewed on 29 October 2022 by the Security Industry Authority.

He agreed that he was standing outside of the door of the premises as described by the police officers but maintained that he was not engaged as a door supervisor at the premises.

He suggested that he was working at the premises in a non-designated role only in relation to CCTV installations. But this was denied by the Five Arches owner.

Mr Dowson, of Pembroke, denied the charge of being engaged in unlicensed door supervisor work. But he was found guilty by Haverfordwest magistrates.

Presiding magistrate Iain Robertson-Steele told Dowson: ‘This is a significant issue. Door supervisors are there to protect the public. They have a significant duty and are regulated by statutory authority.

‘That shows a disregard for the law and for those you were meant to be protecting.’

‘You knew all that, but you knowingly went ahead and continued to work. This is an imprisonable offence, but we’ve decided against that.’

He received a 12-month Community Rehabilitation Order with 10 days Rehabilitation Activity Requirement (RAR), a fine of £500, and a Victim Surcharge of £114.00 contribution to prosecution costs of £2,587.50

Mr Dowson received a 12-month community rehabilitation order and a fine of £500 on top of a victim surcharge and legal costs

Dowson was previously banned as a Pembrokeshire councillor after he ‘bullied’ a fellow councillor with bogus sex accusations

Mark Chapman, one of the SIA’s Criminal Investigations Managers said: ‘Paul Dowson’s case is an example of what happens when individuals choose to work when not licensed to do so.

‘Dowson continued to work without a licence, putting the security of the venue’s patrons and staff at risk. As a result, he now has a conviction with substantial costs to pay.

‘I’d like to acknowledge the contribution made to the investigation by our law enforcement partner, Dyfed Powys Police. They were exemplary in supporting the SIA to bring this case to court.’

Dowson was previously banned from being a Pembrokeshire councillor for making bogus sex accusations about fellow councillor Joshua Beynon after they clashed during town hall meetings.

A misconduct panel ruled Mr Dowson had ‘bullied’ Labour member Mr Beynon by repeatedly saying he shared a pornographic video of a girl under the age of 17.

He also wrongly claimed new sex education lessons in Wales would teach ‘three-year-olds about masturbation’ and ’13-year-old boys and girls about anal sex’.

The ex-Pembrokeshire County Councillor also made false online statements about members of the public, claiming one was a violent criminal who spent three years in jail and another was on the sex offenders register.

Mr Dowson, who runs his own TV and aerial business, has now been banned from holding any form of public office for three years by misconduct body the Adjudication Panel for Wales.

Mr Dowson had previously been censured by standards chiefs for sharing material ‘likely to be considered racist’ in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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