I love living on a council estate because no one judges me

I love living on a council estate, I walk around in my dressing gown with no shoes and no one judges me

  • Trewley Precious from Essex walked to the shops without any shoes on 
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A British influencer has revealed the reason why she loves living in her council estate.

Trewley-Precious Sunshine, 23, from Essex, took to TikTok to show her viewers how easygoing her estate is.

The YouTube star explained that as no one cares what you look like on the estate, she is free to stroll about as she pleases.

In the video, Trewley-Precious (pronounced Truly) walked to the shops in her dressing gown with no shoes on, while she had hair rollers and eyebrow tint on.

Viewers have flocked to the comment section to show support, and one considered the judgement-free aspect of council estates to be a reason why they ‘love being British’.

Trewley Precious Sunshine (pictured) took to TikTok to explain that she loves living in a council estate as no one judges her 

In the video, Trewley, who also starred in the first series of Tempting Fortunes on Channel 4, shared her thoughts while running to the shops.

She explained that she loves living on her estate because no one cares what you look like.

She said: ‘I’ve got rollers in my hair, I’ve got tint on my eyebrows… I’ve got no shoes on, and my dressing gown cord doesn’t match my dressing gown.’

She added: ‘And I’m still going to walk with confidence into the shop, and say “Hi, what’s happening?”‘

During Trewley’s walk to the shop, she continued to greet members of the public who passed her on her way.

Soon after, she reached the shop and purchased the items she required.

However, the influencer did have a slight concern over the work vans parked in the area and hoped they weren’t filled with people.

But she concluded that she didn’t care anyway, as she’d ‘still walk past them and say: “Hi boys, you alright?'”

The YouTube star walked to the shops in her dressing gown without any shoes on- but claimed people do not care 

Many viewers took to the comment section and agreed with Trewley’s thoughts. One said: ‘Nothing beats a council estate! Love being British.’

A second person added: ‘Dressing gown is an essential when going out.’ 

A third said: ‘Best times of my life was living on a council estate.’ 

A fourth added: ‘I love going [to the] shop in pjs.’ 

It comes after Trewley-Precious revealed her family members’ unusual names – much to the amusement of her followers.

While Trewley-Precious might seem unique enough, her siblings also share equally uncommon names.

In a previous video a viewer asked: ‘I love your name, does your siblings all have similar names?’

Viewers took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the clip, and many loved Trewley’s attire 

After thanking the user, she said: ‘Starting off with me you know, the prettiest and the youngest, my name is Trewley-Precious.’

Trewley- Precious then turned the camera to her sister, who shared her name: ‘Honey Peaches Amba.’

Next, another sister took to the screen.

When asked her name, she said: ‘Ruby Anne Ysobella.’

Ruby Anne explained: ‘[Ysobella] spelt with a Y and O, not an A.’

After Trewley-Precious asked a third sister her name, who revealed it was ‘Pearly Girl.’

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