Expanding 394ft megayacht has beach club onboard with own pool, gym and helipad

A luxurious megayacht has been revealed by its designers, with the 394ft vessel boasting some impressive features such as a full-size gym and spa area, jacuzzis, sunbeds, a giant pool and even a helipad.

The cutting-edge yacht expands open like a bird's tail to create a ginormous beach club, perfect for its future billionaire owner to entertain guests.

Called 'Indah", which means "beautiful one" in Indonesian, the amazing creation has been referred to as a floating palace due to its incredible attention to detail.

The Indah can accommodate a whopping 32 crew members, along with up to 24 guests in 12 beautifully-decorated cabins.

Not only this, but the main suite, made for the owner, comes with its own dedicated aft deck balcony.

Opalinski Design House are the ones behind the incredible naval design, which features a helicopter landing pad and hangar, perfect for further exploration.

It's been called a "true ocean-going vessel", as the Indah can sail at a top speed of 24 knots and has a range of 7,000 nautical miles.

The cost of the superyacht is unknown, but we can imagine it ranges somewhere between £100m and £200m.

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Not only is the Indah incredibly cutting-edge and beautifully designed, but it's eco-friendly too, with solar generating surface coatings and vertical wind turbines producing its own green energy onboard.

Regardless of all it's amazing features, there is one stand-out part of the yacht, and that is it's expanding section at the back which opens up to create a beach club, perfect for wild parties.

A spokesperson for Opalinski Design House said: "The original concept of fold-down bulkheads was conceived to create more usable space at the water level so when anchored the guests can immerse themselves with surrounding waters, nature and wildlife at a much larger space than, just a relatively small swim platform.

"Space that can be used for all outdoor activities from sunbathing, through various water sports, fishing, dining, and many more."

Does anyone have a spare few hundred million they don't need?

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