Fake plastic surgeon who performed boob jobs pretending to be British flees jail

A man who allegedly posed as a British plastic surgeon and saw hundreds of patients without any qualifications has gone on the run.

Italian national and school dropout Matteo Politi was sentenced to three years and 10 months in prison in March for fraud and intellectual forgery but is now feared to have left for Hong Kong.

He was sentenced in Sector 1 Court in the Romanian capital Bucharest after he was accused of operating across five clinics on 28 people without any medical qualifications.

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A court heard how he operated under the alias of Matthew Mode, a fake British plastic surgeon, and ran a social media page of that name.

He posed as a breast augmentation expert, even posting pictures and videos of himself performing surgeries on unwitting clients.

Despite not having completed sixth form, the fake doctor claimed on his CV to have studied at UPMC Shadyside and The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, each in the US.

He claimed to have worked as a surgeon in the UK, Italy, and Spain, and even gained a licence from the Public Health Directorate of Bucharest, which he gained after allegedly providing a fake diploma from the University of Prishtina Faculty of Medicine in Kosovo.

Over the course of 15 years, he is understood to have seen hundreds of patients, an act for which he has now been sentenced.

It was only when nurses working with him during surgeries became suspicious in 2019 that the elaborate ploy began to close in around Politi.

An operation that was supposed to take one hour – a routine breast implant – took Politi four.

He was on the run in his home country too after a 2010 incident that saw a traffic warden complain about the work he had done on her.

He got off with a suspended sentence for fraud and then moved to Romania where he carried on operating on people.

Now it has been reported by media in Italy that he has fled there for Hong Kong, which is thought not to have an extradition treaty with Italy, to avoid prison.

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