Mum mocks model by reading book in lacy thong – and fans spot ‘subtle flex’

Comedian Celeste Barber is known for her hilarious parodies.

She puts her own humorous spin on the 'Instagram perfect' videos shared by models and influencers on social media.

And this time, as the 41-year-old Australian star took to her Instagram page to share a spoof with her 9.5million fans, she was praised for subtly flexing her latest achievement at the camera.

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In the clip, which has gained more than 560,000 likes., the mum-of-four imitated a brunette model who filmed herself reading vintage books in a lace thong and matching top.

However, Celeste stood with her back to the camera in a top knotted at the back and a pair of full briefs that had been hiked up to give her a wedgie.

She was then seen pulling a copy of her own book, Challenge Accepted! from the shelf.

Celeste jokily wrote in the caption: "Oh sorry, I didn’t see you there."

Fans were left cackling with laughter at Celeste's version, with many taking to the comments to congratulate her on her "subtle flex".

One user said: "The subtle flex of it being your own book."

Another added: "Outstanding flex."

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A third commented:"Ahhh… yes. With just a *whisp of a wedgie. Breathtaking."

"Your book and upside down. Granny panties!!! We love you," a fourth wrote.

It comes after Celeste Barber went viral for sharing the harsh reality of wearing tummy-control underwear.

And she even attempted to copy Bella Hadid's new hairstyle – with amusing results.

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