Farage slams Biden after bike fall branding US President ‘total embarrassment’

Joe Biden falls off his bike after getting foot caught

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Quote-tweeting a video of Joe Biden falling off a bicycle, the Brexit trailblazer wrote: “Biden is a total embarrassment to the USA!” The fall happened outside his beach house in Delaware as he rode up to supporters, catching his foot on the pedal as he attempted to stop.

The 79-year-old was forced to let go of the handlebars to break his fall.

Security officials quickly swooped in and he was back on his feet.

Twitter users were quick to react to the president’s tumble.

Journalist Benny Johnson wrote: “Joe Biden collapses while riding bike. Look at this picture. This man is not well.”

While Margret Plinth added: “Poor guy. He is like 90, can’t ride his old man bike in peace, when he falls everyone in the world sees it. I feel bad for him.”

President Biden explained to onlookers that his “foot got caught” on his pedal.

He said he was “good” before continuing his bike ride.

It comes as Texas Republican representative Ronny Jackson has claimed US President Joe Biden does not appear to be “physically or cognitively fit”.

He has urged the president to be tested as his job is “demanding”.

Speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity, Mr Jackson said: “He’s not physically or cognitively fit to be our president right now. I know what the rigors of this job are, physically and cognitively – it’s demanding. He’s not inspiring confidence. It’s sending the wrong message to our adversaries.”

Twitter users were quick to respond to Farage’s tweet, with one user writing: “Ok, so an old man trying to stay active and set a good example falls off his bike and your first reaction is what an embarrassment.”

Another wrote: “If I saw a 79 year old man falling off of his bike I would help him up. I hope someone did.”

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Nigel Farage has gone in on the US President before, branding him an “embarrassment” and “completely hopeless”.

Just last week, Joe Biden suffered another embarrassing trip as he struggled up the stairs of Air Force One during a recent visit to California.

The slight trip happened as Biden visited California to sit down with State Governor Gavin Newsom.

He appeared to take a brief stumble as he struggled to climb the red-carpeted staircase up to the plane.

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