Girl, 6, mauled to death in horrifying leopard attack as family heard screams

A six-year-old girl has become the fourth child this month to be mauled to death by a killer leopard in a region in India plagued by the savage beast.

Tragic Zubaida Jan was left screaming for help when the deadly big cat grabbed her close to her family home in a village in southern Kashmir, India.

But sadly the youngster could not be saved and was dragged off by the leopard before horrified locals found her lifeless body just 30 minutes later.

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The area has been tormented by animal ambushes and Zubaida’s death comes after a spate of recent attacks killed three other children.

Her brother was reportedly also attacked by a leopard just a month before – although he luckily escaped from the beast’s jaws.

Devastated villagers were filmed crying and screaming in grief as they mourned their loss and demanded more support.

One said: "We request the current administration either to eliminate or trap the big cat by mobilising all the available resources.

"We had recently found a leopard lurking around but the wildlife department has set up a cage and that's it.

“They have lost their beloved daughter who will take care of it now?"

Locals have previously taken it upon themselves to protect their village and last month 50 hunters were sent to find a big cat on the prowl in Baramulla.

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Attacks from deadly leopards have been on the rise since the start of the summer in Kashmir and people living in the area have been left in constant fear.

Figures show over 230 people have been killed from animal attacks in the Himalayan state since 2007 – with almost 3,000 more left injured.

Local authorities have issued several warnings for caution and schools have been told to tell pupils not to come in before 9am to lower the risk of further casualties.


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