Grim CCTV shows boy, 14, punched by topless thug ‘trying to steal booze’

Distressing CCTV footage shows a 14-year-old boy being attacked by a man who was allegedly trying to steal booze from the shop where he worked.

The teenager's mum, who sent the clip to Manchester Evening News, said her son was working at Costcutter on Chorley Road in Swinton when two men came in and attempted to steal beer.

Her son, who turns 15 next week and was in the shop with another worker, told them to put it back if they weren't paying for it, she said, but was then attacked.

The footage captures a shirtless man brutally punching the teenager multiple times.

It shows a man leaving and re-entering the shop several times, as he continues to throw punches at the boy.

The teen's mum, who wishes to keep herself and her son anonymous, said the alleged crime happened at around 7.30 pm on Sunday (September 5).

"He was at work on Sunday when this guy came in with another guy and they have tried stealing some beer", she told the title.

She added: "My son has told them that they need to put it back or pay for it then obviously this happened.

"I don't know what exactly was said as my son hasn't spoken about it too much."

"He didn't have to go to hospital but he's got a black eye on the side of his face where he's been hit," the mum added."

She went on: "He was complaining about a headache afterwards as well and we haven't sent him to school the past two days.

"I don't think he feels comfortable leaving the house at the minute and he hasn't been back at work.

"We just wanted him to make a little of pocket money at work and this is what happens.

"I just want this guy to be found, somebody must know him."

Daily Star has approached Greater Manchester Police and Costcutter for comment on the incident.

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