Harry’s fidgety gestures ‘show ongoing tragedy between him and William’ -expert

Prince Harry's tetchy relationship with Prince William was revealed by one telling sign in a recent interview – his fidgeting hands.

According to body language expert Judi James, despite the pair's rehearsed bonhomie on camera at official events, there is substantially more tension between them than either will let on.

Speaking to the Express, Judi referenced Harry's behaviour when talking about his late mother Diana at the Invictus Games last month.

And she claims Harry's hands show there is a very real 'ongoing tragedy' between the pair.

She said: "Harry’s body language here seems to define an ongoing tragedy between himself and his brother that is both historic and current.

“When he stands speaking about his mother and William though the signals of separation and ‘ownership’ could hardly be more emphatic.

“Asked if he felt his mother’s presence he replied that it had been ‘constant over the last two years.’ i.e., since he had moved to the US.

“As Harry spoke about William he stretched his left hand out in the air with the palm flattened and facing outward in a distancing and a dismissing gesture.

“It suggested pushing his brother away now that he had his mother back again.

“There was a suggestion of an unfair sharing of their mother even after her death and that Harry could only reunite with her once he had quit the royal firm and started a life of his own.”

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The royal brothers are said to be holding "weekly video calls" and are "back on old buddy terms" as they prepare to reunite for the special weekend.

Commenting on their efforts to reconcile, a source told the Daily Mirror: “The brothers needed time for everything to settle down. The family, including William, had been disappointed in the way Harry and Meghan chose to leave the Royal Family.

“But now there is a strong feeling that what happened is in the past and that they have moved on… It seems that the two of them have healed the rift and are very much back on their old buddy terms.”

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