Hope fades for missing swimmer ‘dragged under’ by huge shark as goggles found

Rescuers searching for a dad who was attacked by a massive great white shark yesterday have found a pair of goggles belonging to the 57-year-old.

Hopes for finding the man, who was “dragged under” waves by the beast yesterday, have began to fade following the discovery.

A huge lifesaving effort saw boats and helicopters called out from 10 am Saturday morning after a group of teenagers told authorities they had seen the grim attack, reports the Daily Mail.

Officials have since confirmed the presence of a shark around two metres (6.5ft) long in the water at Port Beach in Fremantle, Perth.

Mark McGowan, the Western Australian Premier, labelled it a “terribly sad” incident and offered his condolences to the man’s loved ones.

He said: “A very sad and horrific situation, and very difficult for the man and his family. A family is now grieving, a man has lost his life.

“The people who participated in getting the people out of the water — particularly the young men – I would like to thank them for all their efforts.

“I would like to thank Surf Life Saving and volunteers who have been out there searching.

“And all the people more broadly who are out there searching… they are doing all they can to find the man's body.”

Local newspaperThe West Australianreports that a witness, Kaiden Boult, was surfing in the waters when a man in a dinghy came “flying” towards them and “screamed to get out of the water because there’s been a shark attack”.

The 16-year-old scrambled out the water and onto the rocks, where he saw a “massive shark”.

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Another beach-goer there at the time, Carolyn Cutri, said she saw a lady on the beach “frantically” searching and calling out, before she ran to the cops.

Port Beach and all beaches from Leighton Dog beach to Sand Tracks beach have been shut following the tragic attack.

The state's Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has warned residents to be extra careful in the area.

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