‘I don’t care how many people got Covid this week – enough with doom and gloom’

You know what, I don’t ­actually CARE how many people were infected with Covid this week. Nor do I want to know how many people died “within 28 days” of testing positive.

There, I’ve said it.

Because I’m totally done with doom and gloom figures that are pretty meaningless these days.

What’s the point exactly? The figures are based on so many ­varying factors that all they do is cause more worry and stress. About something most of us can do very little about.

And if the lunatics in charge of our current asylum are so keen on discussing health with us, why not give us the daily totals of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and dementia deaths too?

Or aren’t we supposed to care about those any more? Either give us all the gory details or don’t give us any.

We’ve followed the rules, got double vaxxed, mostly happy to get triple jabbed, there is nothing more we can do.

And what’s our reward? Yep, the threat of yet another “firebreak” lockdown this autumn.

Well, they can stick that very firmly up their privileged backsides because I’m simply NOT ­going to do it. No matter what they say or do.

It’s pointless. If they worked we wouldn’t need another one, would we? The vaccines were supposed to be the silver bullet that led us on to Bozo’s fabled sunlit uplands.

Where does it end? How does it end? What IS the end game?

We can’t go on sacrificing everything on the infernal altar of the money-gobbling NHS. The very thought of another lockdown has sent many of us into such a spiral of despair and depression we may never recover.

I seriously do not believe this country would cope with any more lockdowns.

We may not be like the French and riot at the drop of a yellow vest but any attempt to remove our freedoms again won’t be taken lightly.

Talking of our Gallic neighbours, there’s shocking footage online of a young woman being chased through a shopping mall by heavily armed, baton-wielding gendarmes because she didn’t flash her vaccine passport. I sincerely hope it’s not real but…

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Meanwhile, in Australia a man standing alone in the fresh air was arrested. His crime? Watching the sunset when he should have been locked up at home.

Back in the UK we’ve been very definitely “following the science”, haven’t we?

Well, unless it’s the science that advises against vaccinating 12 to 15-year-olds. Because that will just be ignored, even to the ­extent that it’s actively being considered letting it happen without parental consent.

Naturally, the Government have denied (kind of) that there will be another lockdown. But they also point blank said we’d never have domestic vaccine passports too, didn’t they?

Jeez, there are so many useless pricks involved in all of the above that where do you even start? And interpret that sentence as you will.

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