I'm a motors expert – here's how to secure £5000 for your used car

I’m a motoring expert and these FIVE things could get you an extra 5K on the sale of your used car – how many have YOU done?

  •  A motor expert has shared five ways to boost your profits when selling your car
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With everyday costs on the rise and fuel prices spiking, owning a car is becoming more and more unaffordable.  

As a result, many car owners may be ready to cash in their vehicles and find a cheaper alternative. 

But the decision is not one to be made lightly and, according to one motoring expert, there are many things that need careful consideration to help drivers get the best price from their used car.

Now, experts at CarMats.co.uk have shared five ways you can make thousands on your used car. 

A motors expert has shared five ways you can make thousands on your used vehicle – and car owners may have overlooked some of these simple steps

1. Keep it clean – worth approximately £200

According to the experts, leaving your car covered in clutter and rubbish could be detrimental to its resale value. 

They said: ‘A spotless exterior and a clutter-free interior create a positive first impression for potential buyers because it shows the car has been well cared for.’

Small investments such as quality car matts and seat covers could protect your vehicle from wear and tear and boost your profit by around £200.

2. Clean up any minor cosmetic scuffs and scrapes – worth approximately £1,000

Although car owners may not think small scratches and imperfections on the car’s exterior will make a difference, it’s definitely something new buyers will pick up on. 

But according to the experts: ‘Buffing out minor scuffs isn’t as difficult as you might think, all it takes is some T-Cut and a bit of elbow grease.’

If you’re looking to make profits of up to £1,000, they advised taking care of them before selling. 

According to experts, small scratches could make all the difference when selling your car and could put off potential buyers

3. Keep on top of services – worth approximately £2,500

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According to the experts, regular car service will not only help the car’s performance while on the road, but improves your resale value. 

They said: ‘Consistently taking your car for a service adds a significant selling point, as potential buyers are often willing to pay extra for a car that comes with a complete maintenance record.’

4. Evaluate which seller suits you – worth approximately £1,200

While there are various platforms available to sell your car, from eBay and auto trader to Facebook Marketplace. The experts say it is best to steer clear of quick sale sites. 

They said: ‘It may be tempting to opt for the convenience of selling your car to a dealership or quick sale company, but if you’d like to make as much money as possible selling privately can increase your profit by up to 10%.’

5. Make sure all the cars documentation is organised – worth up to £5,000

Lastly, drivers should make sure their affairs are in order before selling their cars. 

They said: ‘By presenting a complete set of documents in good condition you’re ticking the buyer’s boxes and making your used car an attractive option.’

According to the experts this could boost your profits by £5,000, as they are sought after by new buyers.  

Ash Young, Managing Director at CarMats.co.uk added: ‘When selling your used car, don’t overlook the impact of regular services, maintaining your car’s interior and exterior and selling privately, in today’s challenging economic climate, these steps can make a significant difference.’ 

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