Influencer pens a powerful post naming and shaming Instagram trolls

Influencer, 32, pens a powerful post naming and shaming cruel trolls who taunted her over her unedited bikini pictures

  • Gold Coast bikini designer Karina Irby, 32, shares shocking Instagram messages
  • The Australian influencer outed Instagram trolls who taunted her for her weight
  • She shared other shocking messages calling her ‘disgusting’ and ‘too fat’ 
  • The body positivity advocate shared the posts to her 1.2m followers on Thursday 

An Australian influencer and business owner has named and shamed internet trolls who taunted her for uploading unedited bikini pictures.  

Gold Coast bikini designer, Karina Irby, 32, who owns Moana Bikini, penned a powerful post to Instagram on Thursday, exposing social media trolls. 

An advocate for body positivity, Ms Irby features a number of unedited pictures proudly displaying her skin conditions – eczema and folliculitis – to her 1.2million Instagram followers. 

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Gold Coast bikini designer, Karina Irby, 32, outed Instagram trolls who sent her shocking messages in her latest post on Thursday

Despite being praised by fans for her realistic posts Ms Irby revealed a dark side to her platform, outing the ‘gross’ and ‘disgusting’ behaviour she encounters.   

‘My life on the internet,’ she wrote alongside a series of comments which criticised her weight and poked fun of her skin conditions. 

‘I haven’t posted in 5 days because sometimes I feel like… What’s the point?

The bikini designer advocates for body positivity after suffering from eczema and folliculitis 

‘People tell me to kill myself. Call me names. Discourage my work. Call out my skin conditions.

‘I love social media, and I love putting myself out there to help others feel less alone, make someone smile and distract people from their busy life’s.

‘But I don’t love how people can treat one another on here. Hiding behind their screens. What gross and disgusting behaviour.’

Ms Irby named and shamed her trolls on Thursday asking them to ‘be better’ 

In her post she outed the dark side to the Instagram influencers 1.2million following warning her fans people have taken their lives over internet bullying

She added people had taken their lives after receiving abuse from internet trolls on social media, asking her followers to engage in better behaviour online.   

‘We all need to be better. Better at not listening. And better to never speaking to others like this.’

The post also included a series of shocking messages sent to Ms Irby.

‘Too fat. Pig,’ read one comment.

‘Just puked after seeing this atrocious despicable piece of skin,’ said another. 

‘She’s repulsive and you’re all making her feel good about being obese. Just disgusting,’ wrote another troll. 

After bravely sharing the comments in her latest post Ms Irby received an outpour of support from fans despite sharing encouraging her to keep posting. 

‘You deal with a lot, I love how honest and real you always keep it,’ said one user.

‘I can’t believe people would type those things out onto their phones and send them out in the world. How heinous,’ commented another.

‘Keep posting!! You are beautiful and I admire your confidence,’ added a third.  

The body positivity advocate bravely confronted Instagram trolls on Thursday who slammed the designer for her weight and skin conditions 

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