Lawyer who tried to sue ‘sugar baby’ student for £134m suspended for misconduct

A 'sugar daddy' lawyer who tried to sue his young lover for £135million has had his license suspended by the Law Society of Ontario.

Azmat Ramal-Shah met an 18-year-old woman though on the Sugar Daddy site “Seeking Arrangements” back in 2015.

The deal was that the woman, who was studying at Ontario University at the time, would keep him company “virtually” and in exchange he would help pay her living expenses.

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“There was no discussion of ‘a regular dating relationship’ at this time,” the woman testified. “We agreed upon an arrangement where I would not seek other sugar daddies. He decided to send me gifts in exchange for extensive conversations and photographs.”

But Ramal-Shah quickly “fell in love” with his sugar baby, who in legal documents is known only by her initials – KJ.

In court papers, KJ says that any discussion of them having a life together was intended as part of the Sugar Daddy fantasy.

“He would often talk about his future and the future he would like to have with me,” KJ said in the affidavit. “I would entertain his fantasies as it was what he wanted out of the arrangement.”

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However, she said that over time Ramal-Shah became increasingly possessive, and after the one occasion where the two met in person, he began to “push her boundaries”.

She says that she tried to end the arrangement, even faking a cancer diagnosis in a bid to convince Ramal-Shah to call time on the relationship.

But for several months, Ramal-Shah carried on sending money to KJ, thinking the money was going towards cancer treatment, he said.

“I honestly thought I was helping someone fight cancer,” he told CTV News Toronto.

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When Ramal-Shah eventually realised that KJ did not have cancer, he told her he wanted his money back.

He calculated that he had paid around $30,000 (just under £18,000) over the years.

In 2021, Ramal-Shah filed a 340-paragraph lawsuit against KJ and her family. He said she had made “false representations” and defrauded him. He demanded $229million (£135m) in damages.

But the Law Society of Ontario's disciplinary tribunal says that Ramal-Shah’s claims amount to professional misconduct and has suspended his licence to practice law until May 25.

He must also pay back costs to the college, which, pending party submissions and possible appeals, total $9,000 (£5,200).


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