Russell Kane speaks out on wife’s reaction to new music career

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Russell Kane, 47, who is a regular co-host on Channel 4’s Steph Packed Lunch, released his first single today (April 28).

The comedian is hoping to hit the music charts with his track Laundry Fight – an R&B song inspired by domestic life and partners leaving their underwear on the floor.

The on-screen star, who tied the knot with his wife Lindsay Cole in 2014, admitted his other half is a big supporter of his music venture which he aims to raise funds for the charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably).

Russell said Lindsay is not always on board with his ideas but cheekily added a trip abroad almost certainly resolves any disagreements, as she urged the comic to put the song on his social media platform.

“Let’s just say it’s an inspirational song for all partners male or female who don’t like seeing a towel on the floor,” he told

“But nonetheless, Lindsay did leave her bra hanging on the door once and I was like, ‘Why?’

“What am I supposed to do, worship her boobs. I do that enough anyway.”

Russell went on: “She’s got a thick skin. She’s been a part of a few things that I’ve done.

“She’ll be angry for a bit, then she’ll say, ‘where are we going on holiday?’ I’ll say, ‘we’re going St Lucia next week’, and then she’ll say, ‘alright go ahead’.”

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He added: “As long as I put nice holiday in the diary I’m allowed to make fun of her. A few mums and dads at the school gates are like, ‘Oh, I hoped you picked your panties up.’ She didn’t like that.”

Laundry Fight has been produced by some heavyweight dance music producers, including Nick Bridges who has worked with Bodyrox and N-Dubz and Si Hulbert, who was written for One Direction and Adele.

The song first came about after Russell shared a freestyle rap on his social media and he has since shot a video for the parody number which sees actress and comedian Verona Rose playing his partner.

All streaming and sales revenue will go to suicide prevention charity, CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably).

If you’re struggling or worried about someone, head to for practical support and advice.

Russell Kane’s Laundry Fight is available now. Alternatively, you can add it to your streaming playlist by clicking here:

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