Man who hurled slurs at NYPD cop threatened other officer, video shows

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A man whose shocking slur-filled rant against an Asian NYPD cop went viral this month threatened another officer’s family just before the racist attack, newly surfaced video shows.

The unidentified man, who’s black, repeatedly called the Asian officer a “ch—k” in a widely circulated video that was filmed in Greenwich Village as protests were held in Washington Square Park on June 5.

But new video posted by the Police Benevolent Association union on Wednesday shows the lead-up to that racist exchange — as the man angrily eggs on another cop sitting in a police van.

“You see this motherf–ker? Let’s get his information,” the man says.

“Let’s find out where he f—king lives, let’s find out what his f—king wife’s name is, let’s find out what his kid’s name is.”

He then repeats “shut the f—k up” multiple times before the Asian American officer, in riot gear, gets him to move back to the sidewalk.

It’s not clear what sparked the confrontation. The new 90-second clips starts off with the man already arguing and shooting cellphone footage.

The clip begins with the man telling the officer “get your f—king information,” while the officer tells him to back up from the van.

That makes the man angry.

“Get out the car! Get out the car!” he yells. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. The f—k you talking about? You don’t tell me to back up.”

He continues to yell for the cop to get out of the car and “shut the f—k up” before he launches into the tirade about the officer’s family.

His exchange with the Asian police officer once he’s on the sidewalk was documented in the previous video.

“I’m on the sidewalk, what you gonna do?” the man can be heard saying moments later. “What’s your name? You’re not even from this country. You piece of s–t. You f–king ch–k!”

In posting the new video on the Twitter, the PBA said “before he started hurling racial slurs at P.O. Philip Huynh, this cop-hating bigot filmed himself threatening another cop’s family. That’s when P.O. Huynh jumped in to protect his brother.”

“We’ll say it again: This isn’t new,” another tweet said.

“It’s not an isolated incident. It is the reality on our streets. Cops are regularly subjected to racist abuse and vile threats. It’s not going to stop until our elected leaders send a clear message that it will not be tolerated.”

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