Jojo Siwa, 50 Cent, & Others Offer Industry Advice At Creator Week

The very first ever Instagram and Facebook Creator Week has now come to a close, and it was an incredible experience to be a part of. An entire industry of creators and industry experts was graced by the presence of some of entertainment’s biggest names. There was a whole lot of fun, some truly engaging conversation and a once in lifetime opportunity to receive tips, advice, and trade secrets from some prominent figures in the industry.

Among the creators who were sharing their expertise, were JoJo Siwa, Saweetie, and 50 Cent, each of which had many words of wisdom and inspirational support to share with fans and like-minded creators that are looking to pave their way into the industry. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, and Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, were also present to share their incredible wisdom with fans.

Social media and career advancement were hot topics, and fans were able to soak up personal advice that is absolutely priceless on every level.

JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa is just just 18 years old, and has already amassed an astounding net worth of $14 million. She knows a thing or two about how to keep fans interested and engaged, and has credited social media platforms for helping her attain an absolutely priceless level of interaction with her fans.

JoJo has indicated that the formation of relationships and bonds with fans is an integral way of sharing the details of her upcoming projects and then treated the lucky participants of Instagram and Facebook Creator week with some inside information.

Those listening were lucky to discover that JoJo Siwa has just begun filming a reality television show with her mother. The two have embarked on a top secret project that has just started shooting, and fans will learn more about it soon… you guessed it… on social media! She is also poised to release a movie in the near future as well, so fans can keep their eyes peeled for more updates!

As far as the most valuable tidbit of advice goes, JoJo Siwa encourages up and coming creators to be true to themselves. The rest just shines through.

50 Cent

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Curtis Jackson, known to the world as 50 Cent, has gone from being a drug dealer who was embattled with everything that the street life entails, to being one of the music industry’s most influential rappers of all time. He survived being shot at close range and seized that opportunity to turn his life around.

This very same man is now worth a whopping $30 million. He reminds fans that when he was first breaking out as an artist, he did not have the luxury of social media that is now afforded to artists that are looking to create their own path. Back in his day, he relied only on himself to push himself forward. Hard work and dedication were the name of the game, and he recorded single after single, to compile a collection of songs on a mix tape.

After a whole lot of rejection, he was able to get that mix tape into the hands of Eminem, who signed him on and became his mentor. During his interview, 50 Cent said; “Eminem is to me, what Dr. Dre is to him,” referencing the fact that he helped him rise to fame.

50 Cent reminds up and coming artists that they have an incredible platform at their fingertips. He encourages young artists to feature one another on their albums and use that as an opportunity to link in to their fan base and increase their own social media following.


Saweetie has just broken on to the scene a few years ago and is already worth $4 million.  She has captivated a global audience and has become a figure of inspiration to many young women across the world. Her fresh, bold, energetic presence speaks to her younger audience, and she had some very engaging advice to offer to anyone looking to build or create their own brand using social media.

Specifically geared toward her young, female audience Saweetie’s advice is to stay educated, stay committed, and true to their own moral and ethical code. Higher education is something that Saweetie has always advocated for, after being pushed by her own grandmother to achieve academic greatness. She emphasizes that as an artist, fan following can change, and the industry can shift so it’s important for all artists to have an educational background they can fall back on.

She also cautions women to stay true to themselves and be careful with who they align themselves with. Saweetie tells Forbes that there were many opportunities afforded to her that requested she put her moral and ethical standards aside or shift them to better suit the opportunity at hand. She admits to having turned down a bunch of offers that were lucrative in nature, but were requesting that she jeopardize her moral code in order to attain that financial gain.

Saweetie tells fans that all good things will come to those who work hard for them, and there is never a need for any female to give more of herself than she is comfortable with, no matter how enticing the opportunity may seem, or how dire her financial situation may be.

My personal thanks go out to the mentors, creators, and all the hard working representatives and agencies that allowed us special access and insight to Instagram and Facebook Creator Week, and to the incredible stars that took the time to share their expert tips.

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