MI5 agent forced partner to ‘watch videos of executions and murders’

A twisted MI5 agent forced his partner to watch sick videos of "executions and murders" and even attacked her with a machete, a BBC investigation has found.

The BBC said the government took the organisation to court to block publication of their story, and said they could not release the name of the man involved, despite him being a danger to women.

However, a government representative told the Daily Star that their decision to block naming of the man was "aimed at protecting national security and avoiding a real and immediate risk to life, safety and privacy."

The BBC reported that X, whom they call a right-wing extremist with a violent past, has since left his partner to continue working abroad in a country where he also has a violent past.

It tracked down two victims of the man's abuse, with one saying: "There was so much psychological terror from him to me, that ultimately culminated in me having a breakdown, because I was so afraid of everything – because of how he'd made me think, the people that he was involved with, and the people who he worked for."

The woman, who the BBC gave the name 'Beth', moved in with the man after meeting with him on a dating site.

She said that initially he was "charming," but his behaviour spiralled and he sexually assaulted her, was abusive and coercive and even once lunged at her with a machete.

The violent scene was captured on video and the man was arrested, charged with assaulting Beth and appeared in court. However, while he was at court, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) dropped the case, the BBC reported.

She said the man, who the BBC refer to as 'X', told her that he worked as a paid informant for the British security service, an agent or covert human intelligence source (CHIS), infiltrating extremist networks.

Sickeningly, the coercive agent collected weapons and made Beth watch terrorist videos of executions and murders, she said.

Beth said she feared she would be killed if she spoke out.

"It [his position] meant that I couldn't speak out about any of his behaviour towards me, any of the violence I went through, sexual or physical, because he had men in high places who always had his back, who would intervene and who would actively kill me, if I spoke out," she said.

She said after charges against him were dropped and he returned to the property, he continued to mistreat her and even admitted to his murderous intentions.

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In a video seen by the BBC, he says while lying on a sofa: "It's constantly in me. This murderous thing is always in me…. I always imagine how I bludgeon someone to death… It's always been me…. I've been doing it since I was like six… I'm overly aggressive, I know that myself."

A Government spokesperson said: "As a matter of long-standing policy we will not comment on security or intelligence.

"As the judge in this case says, the interim injunction, which the Government was granted in April, is aimed at protecting national security and avoiding a real and immediate risk to life, safety and privacy."

The Daily Star has also contacted the Crown Prosecution Service for comment.

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