Monster 12ft alligator causes panic walking among revellers on busy beach

Footage shows the moment panicked beachgoers watched as a massive 12-foot alligator walked through the surf and along the beach.

The video, which was shared on YouTube, shows the huge reptile being captured by authorities after it was spotted on Delray Beach, Florida.

Officers with the local animal conservation body responded after a number of people contacted them after seeing the alligator, Mirror reports.

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Witness T.J. Tamaccio said: "It was crazy. I just rolled up to the beach doing my routine, and I saw the commotion.

"I thought it would be a little shark or something. I was trying to think where it came from.

"It must have been far out there but probably came from Boynton Inlet and got lost had to get to land and beach itself."

The creature was safely caught and brought to a local farm.

Florida, which is riddled with lakes and wetlands, is the perfect environment for alligators to thrive.

The reptiles are usually found in freshwater but can survive for a short period in saltwater.

When Hurricane Ian tore through the area, alligators were seen roaming the waterlogged streets and may not have made it back to their ideal habitat.

One of the huge reptiles appeared during an NBC News report when reporter Jesse Kirsch spotted the animal as he reported on the storm in Orlando on Friday (October 7).

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He told viewers: "Whenever we cover floods, we are always trying to stress that you do not want to go into the waters.

"This is about as good a reason why as you should not go in the water. And I do not know if that is the same alligator that had been hanging out in the front yard right near us."

The alligator was seen in a neighbourhood which is near water.

Residents had been spotted walking the flooded street just moments before the reptile was seen.


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