Museum of Death staff keep tally of visitors who vomit or pass out

The Museum of Death staff keep a tally of visitors who vomit or pass out when visiting the gruesome attraction.

Complete with artefacts from famous murderers, like John Wayne Gacy, amongst other exhibits, the Louisiana based attraction is definitely not a place to go for those with a weak constitution, who are likely to have a bad reaction to what they are seeing.

Inside the museum visitors can come face-to-face with a number of other macabre things such as 'Dr Death' Jack Kevorkian's euthanasia machine (the 'Thanatron'), and genuine human bones and taxidermy.

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Obviously, the nature of the museum is not for the faint of heart and can therefore prove a little bit too much for some people, with some known to vomit or pass out from time to time.

Scott Healy, the curator of the New Orleans collection, told National Geographic: "People open up, they ask questions.

"When you walk through and see real things attached to these stories, it becomes personal."

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He added: "The reason [the museum] kind of started was the lack of education of death in our society, the taboo nature, and the inquisitiveness of it.

"We wanted to educate people.

"The sourcing starts out by reaching out to a serial killer and asking them if they'd be interested in donating something, because they can't profit or sell their stuff."

"Then you start interviewing them. Correspondence will start with the donation and go from there," he said.

On top of that, they'll attend police auctions to see if there's a strange and unusual bargain to be had.

Despite all of the bizarre exhibitions and dark subject matter, the museum is ultimately a place of learning, and even fun.

Healy added: "This is a place where you can be creepy and not be judged for it."


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