My boss from hell moans that a 70-year-old can get more done than me – I'm so upset I want to drive my car into a wall

A DESPERATE worker has blasted her boss who complained that she is slower than a 70-year-old.

The frustrated employee has shared how her boss's moaning made her "so upset" wanting to "drive my car into a wall."

Posting on Reddit the staffer described the incident that made her quit her job, seeking advice from other Redditors.

She explained that she is the only worker at a boarding facility and said that the kennels are particularly busy this time of the year.

She added that there are two sides of the kennels that she was supposed to hose down but admitted she only had time to finish the right side after cleaning and feeding all the cats.

Towards the end of her shift, she claimed that her boss was unhappy with her performance and kept making comments about how "he doesn't understand how a 70-year-old can get what I do done plus the left side."

The employee claimed that she tried to explain she did not have enough time to complete the job but said her boss "snapped" at her.

She wrote: "I left, on the way home I burst out in tears wishing I could drive my car into a wall.

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"I don't want to go back anymore. I'm done with them, they never see everything I can do but always what I can't."

The employee explained that the main reason she could not keep up with the workload was physical pain as she suffers from a number of conditions that affect her legs and hips.

Redditors were sympathetic towards the worker and advised her to quit her job and get a well-deserved break.

One said: "You need to get out of there, take care of your hip and foot issue.

"Obviously staying there isn't doing you any good physically or mentally."

Another one wrote: "You desperately need a break. If you want send a message to your boss saying that you're resigning as of today.

"I understand worrying about the animals but the animals will be fine they're just going to have to scramble to get things done.

"Your bosses obviously are s*** and don't know how to value a good worker. Quitting is the best thing you can do for yourself."

The worker later updated her post saying that she texted her boss to announce she is quitting and the response she received was "ok. Thank you for your service."

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And a woman said her boss complained when she missed her shift to visit her dying sister.

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