Naked Brit wakes up to terrifying snake cuddling up to him beneath bed sheets

A stark naked bloke got the fright of his life when he woke up after a night shift to a huge snake slithering up his leg in his bed.

Iain Robertson was kipping with his wife Candi when he thought his cat Socks had snuggled up to his legs, only to look down and find a snake under the sheets.

It was actually the hissing of Socks, who was ready to pounce, that alerted the dad-of-two to the surprise bedfellow, an albino cornsnake – a non-venomous species that subdues its small prey by constriction.

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Iain from Foulsham, Norfolk said: "After hearing the cat hissing I woke up and then felt something move across my legs.

"I threw the duvet off and saw what looked like a piece of cord but then it started moving and looking at me.

"It was a bit worrying to find him in bed with me."

The 56-year-old Tesco night shift manager has no idea where the serpent came from, but reckons it could be a neighbour's escaped pet.

'Clive' as the snake was nicknamed, was passed on to Wild Touch rescue centre.

But Iain's wife said that he wasn't that fussed about the intruder, that the pair think might have been in their room for a few days – based off their cat's strange behaviour.

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Mum-of-two Candi, 52, said: “My husband is so laid back. He just went back to bed and carried on sleeping.

“The poor thing must have been really stressed having seen Iain in bed.”

On Socks' behaviour, she added: “Socks had been hissing and staring fixated at something. In hindsight, the snake may have even been under the covers on Sunday night when I was in bed.”

Amazingly, one villager claimed that the snake is his pet and had escaped late last year.


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