‘Nightclub for kids’ where youngsters ‘snorted cocaine and got blackout drunk’

A club where children allegedly snort drugs, get wasted and carry knives has been temporarily shut down.

Sunny's Bar in Towyn, Wales, has been dubbed Britain's "nightclub for kids". A damning police report has alleged that underage drinking and drug taking is rife behind its doors, with minors getting so wasted they ended up in hospital.

As a result, The Sun reports the pub and the first floor club, Bentley's, has lost its alcohol licence for three months. The entire venue is temporarily closed down.

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A 13-year-old was reportedly treated by paramedics after getting "unconsciously drunk" at an under 18s event held at the club in August. There are also concerns that children might have taken cocaine and ketamine at a 15th birthday party hosted there.

The North Wales Police report details that extra units were called out to manage around 60 out of control children at the venue, who were supervised by just two staff members.

Inspector Smith confirmed that three children were in an "excessively drunk state" when police arrived, and vulnerable drunk kids were reportedly lying on the pavement outside.

He told The Sun: "There was concern that children may have also taken cocaine and ketamine. Of the three children who were treated by the ambulance service at the scene, two were taken to Glan Clwyd Hospital."

A spokesperson for the pub claims that the 15th birthday party was "completely dry", so that even adults couldn't have a boozy drink, and said that a large number of gatecrashers brought a "small number" of alcoholic "items".

They added: "We do not have the authority to body search children, nor would we ever do so. Unfortunately two of these individuals became ill very suddenly. The reasons why are unknown to all but the children in question. However we can categorically state that they were not served anything alcoholic whilst on our premises."

Club owner and mum-of-four Emma Priestley said she felt let down by the manager. She told The Sun: "I can't apologise enough. Nothing like this would ever happen again."

Further anti-social behaviour detailed in the police report includes 16 fights, threats and use of weapons, and theft.

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