Major supermarket selling Cadbury Christmas chocolate for bargain price of 20p

There's not long until Christmas Day now, so shoppers will find that there are more and more bargains to be had in the supermarkets and other stores.

And retail giant Sainsbury's certainly has a tasty offer on for all chocolate fans, as it's selling off some of its Cadbury's Christmas choccie for just 20p, according to The Sun.

One shopper revealed the bargain by posting on Hot UK deals this week as they revealed you can get a Cadbury advent calendar for just 20p. The shopper in question also shared a screenshot of their Sainsbury's online shopping app, showing that they had filled their cart with the item.

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People were amazed at the discount, as many admitted they hoped to get their hands on one. "The point is it's 20p and you can eat 13 days in one go hahaha," exclaimed one person. While another added: "This is much better than buying one at full price."

A third exclaimed: "Wow that's cheap," while a fourth admitted: "I am going to rush to the store tomorrow and get a bag full of Dairy Milk."

The news comes as many Brits have been searching for a bargain when it comes to their Christmas choccie this year. And many were delighted to hear that one supermarket slashed the price of Cadbury Roses tubs to just £2.50 this year.

The tubs usually come with a price tag of around £6 in stores such as Asda, Morrisons and Tesco. However, online retailer Ocado undercut the competition by a hefty £3.65 by selling off the tubs for just £2.35.

Another chocolate lover also found a hack to get Cadbury Heroes tub from Tesco for less than £2.

It's going to be a very merry Christmas for everyone who gets to bag these bargains, that's for sure.

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