OnlyFans star faces death threats from creep who wears ‘t-shirts with her image’

A glamorous OnlyFans model has admitted that she is plagued by odd requests from obsessed fans who have made t-shirts with her face on and even sent horrid death threats.

Adult content creator Simona Traşcă rakes in thousands of pounds from uploading racy snaps online, but says it isn’t always as fun as some on the site make out.

One creepy fan is so infatuated with the model that he has harassed her for years, wears t-shirts with her face on, changed his surname on social media to match hers, and even threatened to kill her as she refused a relationship with him.

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Whilst another sick follower’s morbid request asked the model to remain dressed but sit with her eyes closed and her hands on her chest – as if she was dead.

Terrified Simona told BZI: “Considering that I've had problems with possessed people before, I was scared. If he saw me in the pose he wanted, he might be tainted even worse and seek to kill me.

“It was really weird because he asked for a picture of me with my eyes closed, my hands on my chest, a wedding ring on my finger, and normal clothes.

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“I mean, people come on that platform and want to see something more naked, not someone comes in and wants to see you like dead.

“I was very scared, if he has these fantasies… who knows, he might follow me, want to fulfill them.”

The X-rated creator, who boasts over 160,000 followers on Instagram, admitted she was genuinely concerned over what her stalker might do.

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Simona explained how he developed his unhealthy fascination with her from around 18-years-old and has kept it up for a whopping six years.

"I think it's a much more serious case. I had nothing with him, never went out for a drink in my life,” she added.

“He wrote 'Trașcă' on his car, made t-shirts with my image and wore them.”

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