‘Panicked’ Sussexes have ‘massive reservations’ about Harry’s autobiography

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    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly "panicked" over the upcoming release of Spare, the memoir of the Duke of Sussex, an expert has claimed.

    The pair are set for a slate of project publications around the end of the year and months to come, with Spare set for a January 10 release.

    Said release is set to detail the life of Prince Harry not as Prince but as man, his press release said, with the contents of the book apparently saddling the Sussexes with "massive reservations".

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    Spare has been pushed back several times from its initial release date, but royal expert Eric Schiffer says the Sussexes are still "panicked" about the impact it may have on the Royal Family.

    Expert Schiffer, speaking to Daily Star, said: "I'm sure that they have massive reservations about the biography. Harry does, because of how it could blow up and create spontaneous combustion with their relationship at its current point, being so unstable.

    "Harry is becoming less relevant in this new power structure with Charles.

    "Any choices you would have made under the Queen if you're at Harry's camp or Meghan's camp, are being rethought, including how those messages are getting communicated."

    Prince Harry's upcoming autobiography release could be cause for concern for the royal, who is hoping to avoid all-out war with The Firm, Schiffer claimed.

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    In separate comments made over the book and Prince Harry's desires for its release, Schiffer claimed that the Duke "doesn't want war" with the Royal Family.

    Worried over the "grenade-like" effect of war with the family, it sees the Sussexes take on a new direction of public displays, Schiffer has claimed.

    Daily Star reported the "startlingly different approach" the pair were taking ahead of the release of not just the autobiography but a pending Netflix documentary.

    In elevating his standing, Prince Harry may hope to provide more relevance, as expert Schiffer noted the "less relevant" power Harry has under the new King of England.

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