Prince Harry left Royal Family surprised ‘by behaviour’ hours before Queen died

Prince Harry "shocked" the royal family during the of the Queen because of demands he made about his wife Meghan Markle, a new book has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex left Buckingham Palace surprised and could have arrived at her bedside hours earlier according to Our King: Charles III by Robert Jobson.

Harry and Meghan had only been in the UK to attend the WellChild Awards and the timing of their presence in the UK with the Queen’s health deteriorating was all down to chance.

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After the news reached him the Prince hopped on a plane to Scotland to try and be by her bedside before she died, but missed an opportunity to get there earlier with his brother Prince William had he not allegedly made demands about Meghan Markle joining him.

Instead, the Prince is understood to have discovered that the Queen had passed away via the BBC website.

The book has been serialised in theMail, and claims: “Prince William, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward – and Edward's wife Sophie, who had been very close to the Queen – arrived at Balmoral at about 5pm, almost two hours too late.

“As for Prince Harry, he didn't turn up until just before 8pm. Close sources said he had decided not to fly up to Scotland with his brother and uncles after a disagreement over his wife, Meghan.

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“When Harry insisted that she should accompany him, it was his father who told him she couldn't come.”

The family are understood to have been “shocked at his behaviour” and his request did “not go down well”.

Describing her passing in his own book, Spare, Prince Harry said: “When the plane started to descend, I saw my mobile phone light up.

“It was a message from Meg: 'call me as soon as you read this'. I checked the BBC webpage. My grandmother had died. My father was the King.

“I put on a black tie, stepped off the plane into heavy drizzle.”

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