RAF pilots ‘draw’ giant penis in the sky with flight paths while on manoeuvres

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Two RAF jets drew a graphic image in the sky as air force chiefs scrambled to insist the 'giant penis in the sky' was an accident.

Eagle-eyed viewers of satellite tracker website FlightRadar24 noticed some the strange shapes made by RAF flight paths on October 20.

A Typhoon which took off from a Lincolnshire air base and a Hawk T2 from North Wales together created a giant phallus over the west Wales coast during a training exercise.

After the image was posted to Reddit, users couldn't hold back the inevitable jokes.

One air force fan wrote: “When you and your mate get bored in the Air Force.”

Another added: "Forget Top Gun these pilots were too busy mapping out a top schlong."

Yet the RAF rushed to deny that this was intentional, explaining both pilots were behaving with full professionalism.

They was "no coordination" between the two planes to create the phallic shape, a spokesman told The Sun.

They said: “The Typhoon and Hawk training sorties shown were completely unrelated.

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"RAF pilots do not have time to waste when completing operational training missions and focus on ensuring that they fly safely and professionally at all times."

The suggestive shape includes two loops over coastal towns Tywyn and Fairbourne, with a miles-long phallus extending down to Claerwen in central Wales.

A direct path across the Claerwen Valley would have completed the school bus graffiti-style portrait, but unfortunately the training exercise took the Typhoon and Hawk T2 pilots elsewhere.

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