Russia sparks war expansion fears as heavy armour vehicles filmed heading towards Finland

Russian trucks appear to travel towards Finnish border

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A video, coming from an unconfirmed account, shows images of Russian heavy military vehicles heading towards the Finnish border. The Russian convoy, now in the Leningrad Region near the city of Vyborg but heading towards the Gulf of Finland, includes defence missile systems. 

The video, posted by an unconfirmed account, shows images of a Russian convoy moving military equipment across its border with Finland.

As shown in the video, the Russian forces seem to be transporting heavy military equipment, including K-300P bastion coastal defence missile systems. 

The unconfirmed reports come after Finland and Sweden’s possible intention to join the NATO alliance. 

In light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Finland and Sweden have started debating whether to join the military alliance, Sweden and Finland’s ruling parties have claimed. 

Sweden PM Magdalena Andersson has said: “When Russia invaded Ukraine, Sweden’s security changed fundamentally”.

Similarly to Sweden, Finland PM Sanna Marin has also confirmed: “I think we will end the discussion before midsummer”, referring to the Finland’s possible decision to join NATO

Although both countries are officially recognised as non-aligned military, the public support in relation to the possible NATO membership has increased significantly over the past weeks.

Opinion polls, for instance, seem to suggest that over 50% of Swedish and 60% of Finnish public would support the application to join the alliance.

In the wake of a possible membership in the western alliance, NATO secretary Jens Stoltenberg has already provided assurance to the two countries, stating that NATO would support Finland and Sweden’s applications.

The Kremlin, however, seem to firmly oppose Finland and Sweden’s possible moves to join the alliance.

In response to Finland and Sweden’s possible NATO membership, for instance, Russia has warned that accession to the western alliance would “not bring stability to the European continent”. 

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has also openly claimed: “We have repeatedly said that the alliance remains a toll geared towards confrontation”. 

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Finland and Sweden’s possible intention to join NATO also follows further evidence from Ukraine which seems to suggest that further acts of war crime have been committed by Russian troops against Ukrainian population. 

Besides the images showed by President Zelensky at the UN Security Council meeting showing evidence of international humanitarian violations by Russian troops in Bucha, President Zelensky has also reported evidence of acts of war crime in other cities of Ukraine such as Mariupol. 

President Zelensky and other Ukrainian officials have claimed that mobile crematoria have been used in Mariupol to dispose of the dead bodies and chemical weapons seem also to have been used against Ukrainian civilians. 

In light of such claims, Mayor of Mariupol Vadym Bolchenko has confirmed that over 22.000 people have been so far killed by Russian troops during their occupation in Mariupol. 

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