Boosie Badazz Dubbed ‘Weird’ for Telling His Mom to Show Off Her Butt During Vacation

When her mother walks past him in her bathing suit, the 39-year-old Baton Rouge hip-hop star jokingly tells her that he has some old men watching his Instagram Live.

AceShowbiz -Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) continued to raise people’s eyebrows with his antics. The “Wipe Me Down” rapper found himself being dubbed “weird” by online users after he told his mom to show off her butt during a vacation in Jamaica.

When hopping on Instagram Live on Monday, April 11, the emcee was seen talking to his mom who was off camera. “Mama, you got on a bathing suit? What you got on, tights? Them cheeks out?” he asked. “Man, you gotta let your cheeks out, ma. You gotta put on a two-piece, ma. You gotta put on a two-piece and let them cheeks hang out.”

When his mom walked past him in her bathing suit, Boosie marveled, “Ooh, look at them cheeks! Look at them cheeks, mama!” The Baton Rouge native then joked that he has some old men watching his IG Live, saying, “I got some old men on my Live, I got some old men on my Live with jets.”

While most people were amused by Boosie’s interaction with his mom, one Instagram user in particular seemingly found it odd. “Looking ya mama a** is weird,” the said individual commented.

Around one month prior, Boosie drew backlash for telling his son to examine women’s lady parts with a magnifying glass during an Instagram Live. On March 16, he invited some women to come onstage at his “Boosie Gone Bad” event. In a clip surfacing online, one of the women spread her legs wide as he looked closely at her vagina.

The “Set It Off” spitter later told his son to take a peek. “Look at the p***y, son,” the 39-year-old said, before his child took the magnifying glass from his hand.

Despite the criticism, Boosie remained defiant. “I just woke up to the shenanigans, talking about me and my son,” he said in an Instagram clip. “See, what they do is you all flip the narrative and always try to make it f**kd up.”

“But if an 18-year-old man is looking at some p***y is wrong, what is right for him to look at,” he further argued. “An 18-year-old man looking and if this is so wrong for him to look at a Cat then what is right for him to look at.”

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