Russian soldier survives huge explosion after driving over mines

Ukraine: Russian tank appears to drive into anti-tank mines

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A Russian soldier appeared to have a lucky escape after driving a Kremlin military vehicle straight over a row of anti-tank mines planted in Ukraine. Unverified video footage which has emerged across social media captured the moment the mine exploded, visibly lifting the Russian tracked vehicle off the ground with the power of the blast. Just moments later, a young man in military uniform, presumably the driver of the vehicle, can be seen crouched humbly next to the remains of his equipment.

The aerial footage was likely filmed using a loitering drone model fitted with surveillance capabilities.

The video captured the moment the vehicle veered towards the road out of a field and turned to face at least 11 mines that had been planted along the road surface.

As soon as the armoured vehicle makes contact with one of the devices, a horrific explosion engulfs the equipment, lifting it off the tarmac and sending shrapnel flying in all directions.

Moments later, a soldier is filmed crouched on the ground near the wreckage in apparent disbelief at the incident.

The vehicle involved has been identified as a Russian MT-LB, a form of tracked armoured fighting vehicle which is commonly used for transporting troops and towing larger artillery equipment.

The model was developed in the Soviet era and more modern adaptations have since been established, although the MT-LB has been extensively used by Moscow’s forces in Ukraine.

Independent conflict analyst Oryx has reported the Kremlin has suffered a confirmed loss of at least 281 MT-LB models in Ukraine since the conflict began, as verified through photographic evidence.

Ukrainian authorities claim to have destroyed or captured well over 5,000 armoured combat vehicles like the Russian MT-LB throughout the war so far.

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It is unclear why the Russian driver of the vehicle remained oblivious to the mines planted along the path as they appear clearly visible on the road surface.

@UAWeapons posted the video alongside the caption: “A Russian MT-Lb driver, apparently with very limited vision, drove into a row of TM-62 anti-tank mines. The result was expected.”

The TM-62 anti-tank mine is another piece of equipment developed in the Soviet era which was used extensively by Ukrainian forces in the early months of the war in a bid to stop Russian troops advancing.

Moscow’s forces are now reported to be on the back foot after Kyiv launched a counter-offensive operation to reclaim Ukrainian territory, successfully liberating thousands of kilometres from Russian occupiers.

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While it is noted that the Ukrainian forces have destroyed substantial amounts of Kremlin military equipment in the war, retreating Russians have also abandoned huge stockpiles to the defending forces.

The abandoned equipment now makes up a substantial portion of Ukraine’s military power, with roughly half of Kyiv’s tank fleet now composed of captured Russian vehicles.

The UK Ministry of Defence confirmed: “Repurposed captured Russian equipment now makes up a large proportion of Ukraine’s military hardware.”

An intelligence report added: “The failure of Russian crews to destroy intact equipment before withdrawing or surrendering highlights their poor state of training and low levels of battle discipline.”

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