Steroid skin cream causes baby’s face to swell twice the size and sprout hair

A steroid skin cream has been pulled from the shelves after it caused babies' cheeks in China to swell and sprout hair.

One tot, who was suffering from dry skin, was given what his parents thought would be a soothing remedy.

But his face soon started puffing up to almost twice its size.

Images and videos of the youngster have since circulated on social media as reports suggest that a "zero-hormone" cream is behind the inflation.

According to Sixth Tone, a baby cream sold by Fujian Ouai Baby Health Care Products has now been recalled.

Independent analysis found the cream contained clobetasol, a hormone used to treat eczema but banned under Chinese regulations.

The little lad soon went viral on social media and became known as Big-Headed Baby.

His limbs and neck fattened in sections, his face puffed up to double its usual size and he started to grow hair.

Responding to local media in China, the manufacturer said there is "no problem" as the product has been tested.

The tot was rushed to hospital after using the cream for several months – and doctors were stumped as to why he was so big.

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He wasn’t being over-fed, his family said, so medics were baffled as to why he was so large.

Soon, similar cases began to emerge and doctors drew a link to the Yifulin Multi-effect Special Antibacterial Cream, reportedly used in each incident.

It contained clobetasol propionate, which is only for short term use, and explained why babies were becoming fat and hairy.

The local health authority has ordered the manufacturer to remove the product and notified sellers to take it off shelves while an investigation is carried out.

It said on Friday: "The company has suspended production and must notify its distributors to take the products in question offline."

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