Sweden turning into ‘gangland paradise’ after ‘six people shot dead’ in a week

Sweden has been branded a “gangland paradise” as the Scandinavian country struggles to get to grip on a rising violent crime wave.

For several years, Sweden has been dealing with a violent gang war involving the use of weapons and explosive devices by criminal organisations battling for control of arms and drug trafficking.

The country’s national police chief stated this week that the gang conflicts have brought an “unprecedented” surge of violence to Sweden, following a weekmarred by multiple shootings – a number of which were fatal.

According to the Telegraph, last night a sixth person – a child – was shot dead in Sweden in just eight days.

Last year, Swedish police registered 90 explosions and 101 attempted explosive attacks, with over 100 explosions already documented this year.

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Editor of the Spectator Magazine, Frazer Nelson whose wife is Swedish wrote on X (formerly Twitter): “Another child shot dead in Sweden last night: this is the 6th fatal shooting in eight days.

“Its gangland warfare – and the use of ‘child soldiers’ as young as ten years old being recruited – is without parallel in Europe.”

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