Woman Goes Viral For Dumping Brother's Ashes Into PACKED Ibiza Pool! WTF?!

A crowded pool in Ibiza recently got a dose of extra ingredients — but it wasn’t chlorine.

In a shocking viral video this week, an unnamed woman partied her heart out in the Ushuaia Beach Hotel pool, and she brought her brother with. Well, sort of.

Originally posted to her own TikTok, the video shows a blonde woman dancing at the PACKED venue before she grabs a mysterious tube of a gray-looking powdery substance. But you’re not ready for what’s next… She dumps the contents all up in the pool, and guess what it was? HER BROTHER’S ASHES!

That’s right, while most of the ravers cluelessly moved their feet to the beat in the shallow end, this random woman was mixing the remains of her bro into it! That’s a major YUCK! She captioned the post:

“Just me sprinkling my brother about Ushuaia”

While we obviously don’t know what sort of last wish pact the two came to before he passed away, we just can’t get over the fact that this was a POOL she dumped his remains into. Not an ocean, not a river, but a pool. He’s not going to become part of the Earth, he’s going to get sucked into the filter, with leaves and cigarette butts. Not to mention this is seriously inconsiderate to the other vacationers who probably didn’t have “soak up human cremains” in their itinerary.

Social media users were quick to criticize the “dirty” move, commenting things like:

“ into the filter to block it up”


“Did have permission to do that? @ushuaiaibiza”

However, others couldn’t help joke about the situation:

“Is this the new Deadpool movie?”

“worse things are defo in that pool than some ashes”

See the footage HERE if you can stomach it. One X (Twitter) user claims the hotel reached out to them personally after sharing the clip, writing:

“Hello, we saw the video of the pool at our venue that you just shared. This is needs to be removed immediately please as I’m sure you can understand, this can easily be taken out of context. Whilst we are sympathetic to the sentiment, we prefer for this not to be shared publicly.”

Hmm. The hotel’s image is the last thing we’d be concerned about — this is a public health issue! What are your thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below.

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