Teen, 18, dies after being pulled from water while swimming in River Ouse | The Sun

A TEENAGER, 18, has tragically died after being pulled from the River Ouse.

The swimmer was lifted from the water at Cardington Lock, near Bedford on Friday.

The 18-year-old found himself struggling in the river at around 4.30pm.

Bedfordshire Police confirmed the teen had been with friends in the water during the hot weather.

In a statement, the Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “Members of the public around him rightly phoned 999 for help once they realised he was in trouble.

"Emergency services arrived on scene and were able to successfully revive him but sadly he passed away in hospital later that day."

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This comes as seven people, including four children drowned in just two weeks amid hot weather.

Most recently, on June 18 a man died after entering Roath Lake, in Wales.

Teenager Abbie Walton, 15, tragically died at the River Etherow in Broadbottom, Greater Manchester, on June 14.

Erin Madden was just 15-years-old when she drowned after getting into difficulty swimming at Carr Mill Dam in St Helens, Merseyside, on June 1.

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And, only a year older was Freya Carley, who lost her life in the ocean in Saltburn on the afternoon of June 4.

A man passed away after being pulled from river in Ayreshire on June 14.

On the same day, a woman in her 70s died after swimming in River Avon near Evesham.

And a boy, 14, lost his life after first getting into trouble while swimming in Cumbria's River Eden on May 26.

His friend Lewis Michael Kirkpatrick, 15, died in the same incident.

Top water safety tips from gov.uk

Don’t jump or dive in as the depth may vary and there can be unseen hazards.

Don’t go in near weirs, locks, pipes and sluices. These and some other water features are often linked with strong currents.

Inland waters can be very cold, no matter how warm the weather. Those going into cold water can get cramp and experience breathing difficulties very quickly.

Most importantly, parents and guardians can help keep children in their care safe by:

  1. Teaching them to swim
  2. Warning them not to go into water alone, or unsupervised
  3. Ensuring they know where the children are and what they are doing
  4. Supervising them closely when near any open water

Remember drowning can occur very quickly, even in shallow water, and the key to keeping safe is to take all necessary precautions to avoid getting into difficulty in the first place

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