Terrifying moment boy is nearly killed as tycoon's helicopter lands near beach sending parasol and tents flying

A BOY had a horrifying brush with death after a businessman's helicopter landed alongside a beach, sending parasols and tents flying towards terrified holidaymakers.

They were forced to run for their lives after the chopper caused chaos on the quiet coast at the Gribovka Camping site in Odessa Oblast, Ukraine.

The unbelievable moment the UR-ICH helicopter approaches from the sea was captured on camera by beachgoer Yuliya Tsup as she sat with her teenage son.

The airflow from the helicopter formed a powerful current that sent parasols, tents, tables and beach towels shooting across the sand as startled tourists watched in horror.

Yuliya, who lives in Kyiv, shared the footage of the chopper's dangerous landing on Facebook.

According to the state register, the aircraft is owned by local businessman, Anatoly Reder, boss of pharmaceutical company InterKhim.

She said the force caused the safety fasteners of the tents to rip from the ground before striking a small boy who was taking refuge inside.

An umbrella was also prised from the sand, seeing it fly towards Yuliya and her son before breaking a neighbouring tent just yards away from them.

She told online news outlet Focus, "Thank God no one was stabbed by anything.

"When I regained my calm, I ran up the mountain to the damn pilot, but I heard no apology from him for flattening people or compensation for the damage he caused.

"As far as he's concerned we were no more important than ants."

She told how the tourists injured in the incident packed up and left with their children while other panicked beachgoers tried to repair their damaged belongings.

The helicopter continued to drop off its passengers in the same spot in the following days despite wreaking havoc on the beach, but instead avoided the coast and flew from the field.

"The damage has been done now because every time I hear the helicopter I don't know what to expect," Yuliya said.

It is unclear how many people were injured during the incident and it is not known if authorities were involved.

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