Thai man shoots himself in Facebook Live suicide after row with girlfriend about him boozing with his pals

A THAI man live-streamed the moment he shot himself in the head on Facebook – hours after he rowed with his girlfriend.

Naphattarakul Phachayakan, 37, and his Noi Sitthinon, 32, were at their home in Samut Prakan, last night, when she accused him of spending too much time drinking with friends.

After Noi left, Naphattarakul continued to drink whisky until he went to the car park and launched the live stream at 2.30am this morning.

Naphattarakul can be seen holding a .38 revolver to his head before a bright orange flash filled the screen when he pulled the trigger.

The stream was still recording when police and his devastated girlfriend arrived at the scene at around 3am.

Noi can be seen collapsing in tears as her friends try to comfort her.

She said: "This is not real. I don't know he did this. I cannot understand it. I just wanted to go somewhere to sleep. No, it's my fault."

Police Lieutenant Mongkol Yiwivet, Deputy Inspector of the Bangplee district police station, said he was told at 3am about a gunshot in the car park.

He added: "At the scene of the parking lot was found the body of Mr Naphattarakul Phachayakan, age 37 years.



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"He was wounded with a .38 gun at the centre of the forehead, and was face-down and killed in front of a 4-door pickup truck Toyota Vigo.

"The investigation revealed that the deceased stayed with his girlfriend. The dead man and the girlfriend always had aN argument because he was not responsible for the family.

"He would often drink alcohol with neighbours and friends. On the last day, the girlfriend took her clothes and left, leading to the situation."

In April last year, Facebook was criticised after a live video of a father hanging his daughter in Phuket, Thailand, remained live for more than 24 hours.

The incident led to Facebook reviewing how it monitored violent footage and other objectionable material.

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