‘Time traveller from 3812’ claims she’s from Mars and has photo of Red Planet ‘colonised by robots’ to ‘prove’ it

BIZARRE footage has emerged of a self-proclaimed "time traveller" who claims she has been to Mars in the year 3812 – and even has a grainy photo to "prove" it.

The Red Planet is colonised by China and populated by robots hundreds of years from now, claims the 37-year-old, known only as Mary.

But while there are apparently towering skyscrapers and spaceships worthy of a science fiction movie – much of the planet's surface remains deserted, according to the farfetched claims.

And the anonymous woman even bizarrely says she's snapped a photo from her futuristic voyage.

In a hairbrained video, Mary explains: "So I appeared on Mars, it looked like a desert with many buildings, I immediately took a photo.

“You can see the spaceships on which we came, you can also see the buildings.

“Mars was very interesting and at the same time very frightening.”

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Mary's interview – and her unfounded story – has gone viral after being shared by popular YouTube channel Apex TV.

But hers is not the first time traveling tale to be widely shared by sci-fi conspiracy fans.

In 2017, a child genius who baffled professors with his out-of-this-world intelligence claimed he was from Mars and was "reborn" on Earth.

Boriska Kipriyanovich, from Volgograd, Russia, insisted he lived on the red planet as a Martian before he began his new life as a human.

Despite his unlikely story, Boriska's extraordinary wisdom coupled with his extensive knowledge of space left scientists baffled.

Boriska was reported to be 11 when he issued his warnings to Earth in a viral video in 2017.

He claimed his species was wiped out by a nuclear conflict thousands of years ago and fears our planet is heading in the same direction.

You can see the spaceships on which we came, you can also see the buildings

Meanwhile, a so-called Tik Tok "time traveller" who says they’re from 2714 claims to know the date when a "human-fish species" and the existence of an alternative universe will be discovered.

The wacky predictions come from the @aesthetictimewarper account also known as "a real-time traveller”.

The social media user has not revealed their real identity but makes the wild claim they are from the year 2714.

Another time traveller who claims he is in the year 2027 has recently posted a series of videos to prove he is "the last person on Earth" after his followers on TikTok accused him of being a fake.

Javier, who goes by the name @unicosobreviviente [only survivor] has been sharing bizarre clips of deserted streets in Spain, including one of a secret passageway in an abandoned city.

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