Uri Geller will use ‘psychic powers’ to make England lose to Scotland

Uri Geller has revealed diabolical plans to help Scotland beat England on Friday to make up for Euro 96 – but we’ve got it covered.

The spoon-botherer has vowed to use his psychic powers to secure victory for the Scots in the massive Euro 2020 showdown at Wembley.

Uri is backing the Tartan Army because he is still wracked with guilt about his actions during Euro 96.

The 74-year-old claimed to have used his mind to move the ball just before Scotland’s Gary McAllister missed his penalty in the tie between the two nations – just seconds before Paul Gascoigne’s iconic goal down the other end on England’s way to a 2-0 win.

However, your Daily Star has produced a special "mystical" tin foil hat readers can wear to try and halt the Israeli-Brit illusionist’s "energy".

He is interfering after years of alleged threats from fans north of the border and wants to atone for his sins by helping Steve Clarke’s side, who lost their first group match against the Czech Republic.

Explaining his turncoat actions, Uri said: "This is going to be only on this match because of what I did to them in Euro 96.

"I still get these hate letters from Scotland. I have a gut feeling that intuitively I feel that I should help them out this time.

"It’s everything, guilt and [the fact that] interfering with football tangibly is a no-no.

"England won and it’s now about survival for Scotland because they lost to the Czechs so if they don’t win they’re probably out."

He went on: "England won – and I have a British passport – so I know England are safe but Scotland aren’t so I don’t want them out.

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"I’ll do everything in my ability, my capacity to help them win."

Uri will watch the match from his apartment in Israel, where he claims he previously used his powers to help Scotland beat Serbia in their Euro qualifying play-off.

Part of his plan will be to hold a Scottish shirt with his name on it during crucial moments of the match- but he also claims to have more rituals which he refused to reveal until the game.

However, he admits that the collective mind power of England fans will be his biggest test in the psychic world and that could yet combat his own powerful "surge of energy".

Uri added: "I’ve gone through a lot of tests with the CIA, MI5, and Mossad and I’ve proven my abilities over and over and over.

"But in this case obviously, England is bigger, better, has more people and more energy so I’ll have to deal with that. But the Scottish fighting spirit against England will be massive. Let’s see what happens."

And asked what he wants in return if he secures the Scots victory, Uri added: "When Scotland win I want a special kilt from their manager Steve Clarke."

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