Woke university group 'assessing' Winston Churchill's views on race and British Empire axed

A WOKE university group set up to “critically assess” Winston ­Churchill’s views on race and the British Empire has been axed.

The group of academics and students at Churchill College, Cambridge — founded by the wartime leader in 1958 — were said to have disbanded after being pressured to cancel events.

It comes after one meeting saw the ex-PM branded the “perfect embodiment” of a “white supremacist”.

The group was set up last October by Prof Dame Athene Donald, the College’s Master, in the light of Black Lives Matter protests.

She said “meaningful discussions” should be had about Churchill’s views.

But in a statement following the group’s disbandment, Prof Donald said it appeared to have “changed direction” after members met with “hostile” attention.

She considered the group had “disbanded themselves” when they failed to “make further recommendations on a third event”.

But one member, Prof Priyamvada Gopal, accused her of breaking it up after “taking fright” following the media backlash.

She claimed Churchill College “has a serious institutional problem when it comes to race and the mythologies around its founding figure contribute directly to that”.

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