Woman facing jail over war with neighbours after bizarre YouTube rants over parking & her ‘loud’ pet turkeys | The Sun

A WOMAN is facing jail for waging a hate campaign against her neighbours over her “loud” pet turkeys.

Noelle Obcarskas, 64, posted a series of YouTube videos showing the explosive rows between her and her neighbours about the birds in Pulford, Cheshire.

They called in police after complaints about the smell and loud gobbling noises and claimed Obcarskas hurled abuse at them 

In one video Obcarskas called company director John McKimmie, 40, a "little fat bully with a skivvy wife” as he remonstrated with her for deliberately blocking his driveway.

In her campaign vegan Obcarskas also targeted 73-year old Gareth Lloyd who complained about the smell of the turkeys. 

She called him and Mr McKimmie ‘tw*ts', 'd***heads', and 'c**ts' and added: ''They have left their irrelevant a*se wiping skivvy fishwives out of having anything to say being mere females. In their ego little d*** minds, they are not even ladies.''

In another of her videos Obcarskas filmed herself goading Mr Lloyd outside his home which she posted on YouTube. 

University educated Obcarskas – whose partner currently lives in Germany – claimed she was being targeted due to her Lithuanian heritage and in social media posts called her neighbours ''lying Brexiteers with possible pre senile dementia.'' 

At Chester magistrates court she was found guilty of harassment between March and May last year after a trial which she failed to attend.

She had earlier sent the court 20 pages of emails and claiming to have Covid but JPs proceeded in her absence due to the only evidence of her having the illness was a selfie of her with a scarf over her face and a picture of a positive test.

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A warrant was issued for her arrest and she now faces up to 12 weeks in jail under sentencing guidelines. Last year she was fined £180 for threatening behaviour following a similar incident in 2021.

Obcraskas who has lived in the close for 30 years had initially got on well with her neighbours but relations deteriorated due to her abusive behaviour. She also irritated the street by acquiring three ''rescue'' turkeys which she kept at her terraced property.

Mr McKimmie told the court: ''In 2021, she started to get a bit erratic, swearing in the street and it started to distress the family.

''We assisted Cheshire Police in gathering evidence and the relationship has certainly broken down a lot since then and I feel a bit more targeted.”

Mr Lloyd told the hearing the pair fell out five years ago.

He said: “The relationship at one time with Noelle was good. In fact she has been in our house and has been in our garden.

''But I am aware of the insults that she has put on social media, and the way I have heard her speaking to John, and things that she has said about John and his wife and the children. John and I are neighbours and we get along well.” 

Emily Land, counsel for the prosecution, said: “The parties concerned do not generally get along and there have been issues in the past. It appears to Mr McKimmie that the defendant is fixated with him.

''The defendant admitted in an interview that this was her YouTube channel and Facebook page the comments that she made but suggested her actions were justified because of provocation from her neighbours. She did not consider that she had caused any harassment, alarm or distress.”

In convicting Obcarskas JP Mark Turner said: “We accept that evidence of both Mr John McKimmie and Mr Gareth Lloyd who were both credible in their evidence. We find that Miss Obcarskas did cause harassment, alarm and distress by posting defamatory comments on various platforms.''

After the case Mr McKimmie said: ''I am happy with the result and that justice is being served – it is good for the family and good for me. I am just hoping that's the end of the matter. I hope there is no re-occurence of the harassment. I hope that Noelle gets what she needs out of it, the correct help."



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When questioned later at home Obcarskas said: ''It’s all about toadyism and Brexit and a couple of people who are very unpleasant. I wish I had gone to the court with Covid because at least I would have had my chance to have my say. 

“I no longer trust anybody. I had never had any issues with any neighbours until Brexit and that's when two little people who are very puffed up, wanted a lot of attention.”

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