Woman hangs upside-down after getting stuck on railings trying to sneak into beer garden

A WOMAN sneaking into a beer garden hangs upside-down after getting stuck on railings.

She got tangled up and had to be freed by drinkers at The Hope and Anchor in Royton, Greater Manchester, last Friday evening.

Care worker Nicole Meadows, 30, filmed the foul-up and said: “It was highly amusing. Everybody was laughing.

“They’d closed the doors because the pub was full, but there were still a couple of empty benches outside.

“The girls were trying to climb over the fence to sit at one of the benches and get served.

“The doors were closed and there was a sign outside saying they were at full capacity on a blackboard. But it’s an open beer garden and you can see [the seating].

“The first girl managed to get over, but the second one didn’t.

“[She was] saying ‘I deserve a drink because I hurt my vagina’. She definitely wanted a beer.

“We all found it funny. She’s lucky it’s an open beer garden because she could have been dangling there.”

The care worker had been with her mum Vicky Meadows when the chaotic scene caught the attention of the entire beer garden, who all watched on in amusement.

In her clip, Nicole can be heard laughing hysterically as the two unknown women became stuck in the awkward positions.

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